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Included With Soho HotelBooking System

Multi Currency

Soho Hotel has multi currency support built in, no extra plugins are required to make this functionality work. Users can select their currency from a drop down menu and then view prices in it.

However please note that while prices can be quoted in various different currencies, payments can only be made in a single currency.

Multi Language

A custom multi language plugin built specifically for Soho Hotel comes packaged with the theme, allowing you to translate your website into as many languages as you want.

Accommodation availability is also synced across all languages so for example if a room is booked on the French version of your website, availability will also be synced on the Italian version.

Room Rates

It's possible to add multiple rates for specific accommodation, for example if you want to offer a different price for "Full Board" or "Half Board", this is possible, or for anything you can think of.

You can also add custom descriptions for each rate. Note you can also just add a single room rate if you don't require this functionality.

Rate Variations

Rate Variations allow you to offer different prices based on the length of stay, how early or how late a guest books.

Variations can be applied to rooms, or specific rates for a room, and also for specific seasons only.

Booking Conditions

Booking conditions allow you to set booking rules for specific rooms and rates. For example the minimum and maximum stay, advanced notice period for booking, allowed check in and check out days.

If a guest tries to book a room and the booking conditions are not met, a message will appear telling them what the conditions are, and they can edit their booking if they wish.

Guest Classes

Guest classes let you charge different prices depending on the guest type, e.g. Adults, Children, pets, etc. You can create as many guest classes as you wish. You can also set minimum and maximum occupancy limits for specific guest classes.

Seasonal Pricing

You can create seasons defined by a start and end date, and then set pricing for accommodation, or specific rates within that accommodation based on the dates the guest books.

It's not nessessary to use this feature though, if you charge the same rates all year round, you can just use the "default" season which exists all year round.

Additional Fees

Additional fees allow you to define optional or mandatory items which can be added to a booking. For example an optional fee could be an airport pickup, or fruit basket. Or a mandatory fee could be a room cleaning fee, which is automatically added to the booking.

You can define any type of additional fee, and also add custom options to the fee which the guest can select such as date, time, and quantity.

iCal Syncing

iCal syncing allows you to sync booking data with any 3rd party service which supports iCal, for example, Airbnb and Google Calendar.

iCal syncing prevents overbooking occurring, for example if a booking is place on, the booking data is then automatically sent to Soho Hotel where the dates are also blocked.

Availability Calendar

Accommodation availability is clearly displayed in the datepicker calendar, allowing guests to quickly see which dates the room is available for, preventing them from trying to select and book unavailable dates.

The availability is automatically updated each time a new booking is placed, there's no need to do anything to maintain this.from selecting and trying to book unavailable dates.

Custom Emails

Easily create custom email messages which are automatically sent to guests at the various stages of booking, e.g. booking pending, confirmation and cancellation.

Many Payment Methods

Soho Hotel's booking system is fully integrated with WooCommerce, the most popular ecommerce payment plugin for WordPress, and supports hundreds of payment gateways and currencies.

So no matter which country your hotel is operating in, it's easy to accept and process online payments automatically.

Booking Management

Manage new bookings with ease using the booking calendar view in your WordPress dashboard. The number of available rooms is clearly indicated for each room type and date.

Hundreds of Payment MethodsWooCommerce Payments

Soho Hotel is fully integrated with WooCommerce, allowing you to accept payments in hundreds of different currencies, using all the payment gateways available with WooCommerce.


The WooCommerce checkout is fully integrated with Soho Hotel's 4 step booking process, allowing you to accept online payments while still having a great looking website which is easy to use.

Note that you can also switch off online payments completely if you prefer to just receive booking inquiries via email.

Payment Methods

Soho Hotel allows you to use any payment gateway supported by WooCommerce, so you can accept payments with PayPal, Stripe, Square, AmazonPay, afterpay, Braintree, Razorpay, PayU, PayFast, Authorize.Net and many more.

View On Any DeviceMobile Optimized

Soho Hotel is also optimized for mobile devices, so your website will always work well no matter what type of device your guests are browsing with.

Drag & DropPage Builder

Drag & Drop

WP Bakery Page Builder is included in the theme package allowing you to easily edit and create new page layouts using a drag and drop page builder.

The full version of the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin is included and there's no need to purchase anything else to make it work.

Lots of Layouts & Elements

A full demo website is included, and this contains many layouts and elements, so you can easily build your website without touching any code.

Register & LoginUser Accounts

View Upcoming Bookings

A user account feature is included, users can opt to register or login when checking out, and they can then login and view the status of their upcoming booking.

Store Guest Details

All guest data is also stored in an easily searchable database, so you can search for guest details quickly.

Ask For HelpSupport Included

Support is included free of charge when purchasing, so if you run into any problems setting up or using the theme I'm happy to help you out. You can open a support ticket here any time. However please note that I cannot help you with custom coding work.