Soho Hotel

Hotel Booking System

Soho Hotel gives accommodation providers a feature rich, easy to use
booking and online payments system ready to use all in one package

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4 different header styles are included, and you can choose between a boxed or unboxed layout. All colors can be easily changed in the theme options to fit any design.

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Booking Calendar

Soho Hotel comes packaged with a feature rich booking system which allows you to manage bookings, automatically calculate pricing, and take online payments.

Add a new booking

Display bookings for
a specific month or

Display bookings for
a specific room type

Booking ID and guest name

Navigate between months

“Confirmed” bookings are green. When a booking status is set to confirmed availability is blocked and other guests cannot book

“Pending” bookings are orange.
Other guests can still book the room when the status is pending

“Cancelled” bookings are red

After having used another Hotel Booking plugin, this one is far superior. It is very feature rich, gets regular updates, and perhaps most of all, the support is incredible, they actually respond quickly, fix bugs quickly

Higgalls - Soho Hotel Customer

Pricing Options

You can setup complex pricing rules to fit your hotel’s pricing needs based on the number of guests, type of guests, how long and what time of year they stay.

Price charged per month

Price charged per week

Price charged per night

General price rules

Set different prices for
specific times of year

You can add as many
price rules as you want

These are the standard
prices charged for guests

If you add a price rule as shown
here you can charge a different
price depending on the number
of guests

So for example with the price rules
shown here, 3 adult guests booking
on a weekday would cost $235
(200 + 20 + 15)

You can define the days counted
as “weekday” or “weekend” in
the theme options

Charge a different price for
weekdays and weekends

Ready to take a look at the demo and see how the booking system works?
Demo Website

Key Features

Soho Hotel includes a wide array of features to make your hotel website do everything it needs to with ease, an introduction to some of the key features can be found below

Plus much more